Don’t Panic, You Can Still Get Cadbury Selection Boxes With Fudge In Them

When reports suggested Cadbury had dropped the classic Fudge bar from its selection boxes, there were cries that Christmas had officially been ruined.

After all, what good’s a selection box without the long-reigning classic?

Can’t believe they’ve taken the fudge out of selection boxes This injustice will not stand!! Don’t want a selection box anymore. I only ever ate the fudge. If they remove the fudge from boxes of Heroes we riot #christmasisruined #fudgegate

December 21, 2017
ut all is not lost. It turns out you can still get the classic fudge bar in some selection boxes – just not all of them.

HuffPost UK is delighted to reveal that you can get smaller selection boxes with fudge AND a medium-sized selection box with an Oreo bar replacement.

A spokesperson for Cadbury told HuffPost UK: “This year we have updated the range available within our selection boxes to improve the mix and offer more of a variety for our fans.

“Cadbury Fudge is still available in our small selection box and Freddo selection box but has been removed from the medium selection box to ensure we’re offering choice between the ranges.”

On the Asda website, for example, you can buy a Cadbury selection box (£2) with three Freddos, a Fudge, Chomp, packet of Buttons, Dairy Milk bar and a Curly Wurly. There’s also a selection box (£2) with a Double Decker, Dairy Milk Oreo, Wispa, Crunchie, Dairy Milk Buttons and a Dairy Milk bar.

Meanwhile on Cadbury’s online shop, there’s a selection pack (£1.09) featuring a Curly Wurly, Fudge, Chomp, Dairy Milk Freddo and Buttons.

So, for now at least, Christmas isn’t ruined. Just make sure you pick up the right selection box at the shops.