The Most Popular Baby Names In 2018, Revealed By More Than 3,000 Expectant Mothers

We might not have finished 2017 yet, but many expectant parents are already itching to get into next year so they can meet the new member of their family.

Which means they’ll need to settle on a baby name, so why not be inspired by the top 20 most popular choices for 2018, as revealed by nearly 3,500 expectant mothers.

The survey, by Emma’s Diary, found Olivia will continue to rule the charts for girls – it was number one in 2017, 2016 and 2015 – but a surprise entry of Harry in the top spot for boys revealed that everyone has the royal wedding on the brain!

The regal influence continued with both George and Charlotte also making the top 20 lists alongside other royal favourites for boys such as James, Henry and Arthur.

Other notable influences included popular TV shows, such as ‘Game Of Thrones’, with Aria ranking as the eighteenth most popular name for girls. While Max and Ruby both made the list, presumably inspired by the children’s television show.

For girls in particular, names ending with the letter ‘a’ show a strong trend for 2018 (almost 50% of the names chosen, end with the vowel). These include Olivia, Isla, Ava, Amelia, Sophia, Freya, Matilda, Aria and Ella.

Other names in the top three included Noah (meaning rest or comfort), Oliver (meaning olive tree), Isla (meaning island), and Lily (meaning purity).

These are the list of the top 20 names (broken down by gender). 

Top 20 Most Popular Boy’s Names For 2018

1. Harry

2. Noah

3. Oliver

4. George

5. Jack

6. Arthur

7. Freddie

8. Jacob

9. Charlie

10. Teddy

11. Theo

12. Henry

13. James

14. Alfie

15. Leo

16. Oscar

17. Archie

18. Max

19. Logan

20. Joshua

Top 20 Most Popular Girl’s Names For 2018

1. Olivia

2. Isla

3. Lily

4. Ava

5. Elsie

6. Emily

7. Poppy

8. Amelia

9. Sophia

10. Freya

11. Evelyn

12. Grace

13. Charlotte

14. Willow

15. Alice

16. Matilda

17. Ruby

18. Aria

19. Florence

20. Ella

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