11 Tory Brexiteers Opposed To The Working Time Directive

The Government has come under fire for suggestions it wants to scrap the Working Time Directive, the EU rule which restricts the working week to 48 hours and protects other employment rights.

Stories in the Sunday newspapers signalled getting rid of the Brussels edict that trade unions say protect everything from holidays to rest breaks would be one of the benefits of quitting the EU.

The Sun in Sunday hailed it for offering an “overtime boom”.

But after a hailstorm of criticism from unions and the Labour Party, Theresa May refused to explicitly rule out abolishing the Working Time Directive (WTD).

The directive has for years been derided by Tory eurosceptics who argue it hiders economic growth and places a particular burden on the NHS.

Here are 11 pro-Brexit Conservatives who have indicated the WTD should go.