Chrome Just Added A Feature That Made The Internet Infinitely Less Annoying

The internet is a vast and wonderful thing but much like traffic jams with cars, this great gift does come with some downsides.

Potentially the biggest of these is the autoplay video. While in some cases an autoplay video might be acceptable, they can cause minor heart attacks within even the hardiest chests thanks to an unchecked volume setting on a laptop.

Well now Google’s Chrome is determined to fight the good fight and help you keep the internet silent until instructed to be otherwise.

The latest beta version of Chrome now comes with the ability to permanently mute websites that you might visit.

This could be a lifesaver if there’s a website you like visiting regularly but one that has a certain and almost constant love for the use of autoplay.

The feature isn’t as intelligent as say Safari’s approach on Mac’s which can automatically detect if it’s a video and then just stop it from playing.

That being said, it’s a great blanket approach for websites that are known to show loud ads, have loud interactive features or have autoplay video.

In addition to blocking autoplay, the Chrome 64 also now comes with some far stricter pop-up blocking technology baked in.

That means less pop-up ads causing you grief without you having to manually shut them down and then subsequently block them.

If you’re tired of having your ears bashed every time you go to your favourite website you can download the beta version now right here. Now because it’s in beta you might find that Chrome crashes every now and then so if you can hang on a little longer it certainly won’t be long until both of these features arrive on the official version.