Baby-Led Weaning: When To Start Giving Your Newborn Solid Food And How To Do It

For the first few months of a baby’s life, he or she will be exclusively fed on milk.

But there comes a point – around the age of four to six months – when they will begin to need food.

“You shouldn’t attempt weaning until four months at the earliest,” explained paediatrician Dr Keir Shiels.

“Generally around six months, parents should start with thick puréed food which is soft and can be messy.

“It’s best to milk feed while trying to wean, starting with little tastes of food while they are learning to swallow and use their tongue.”

For more tips on weaning and how to do it, watch the full video above.  

Baby 101’ is HuffPost UK’s parenting video series with paediatrician, Dr Keir Shiels, addressing topics mums and dads may face in their first year of being a parent. From colic to trapped wind, crying babies and their nappy contents, he answers some of the most common questions new parents have.