27 Times ‘This Morning’ Was The Most Ridiculous Show Of 2017

‘This Morning’ has always been what you’d call a varied show, but 2017 seemed to be the year the daytime favourite took that to the next level. 

Over the last 12 months, Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield, Ruth Langsford, Eamonn Holmes and the gang have served up a mixture of surreal, bizarre and downright hilarious moments. 

Here’s how it earned the title of the year’s most ridiculous show on TV…

1. When a pony took an actual dump in the studio

2. When Holly and Phil royally cocked up a competition by calling the wrong winner

3. When Holly and Phil completely lost it over an orgasm innuendo

4. When Holly got more than she bargained for while holding a snake

5. When we reached peak ‘This Morning’ content

6. Only for them to top it with this

7. When Amanda Holden made an out-of-this-world clanger while interviewing Tim Peake

8. When there was a whole segment dedicated to kilted yoga

9. When the show celebrated this anniversary rather inappropriately 

10. When Phillip went head-to-head with Kim Woodburn

11. When they conducted a serious interview with this motley crew

12. The complete hilarity and anarchy of Alison Hammond’s interview with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

13. When they invited a young girl on to do her impression of Big Ben

14. When this caller had a pressing question

15. When Holly had this reaction to trying out Fearne Cotton’s cupcakes

16. When Phillip nearly died after doing the One Chip Challenge

17. When someone in the production team had to cut a mircopenis out of paper

18. When they tried to help this poor soul out

19. When Holly got up close and personal with this lady

20. When Eamonn made some new friends

21. When Olly Murs threatened to disgrace himself live on air

22. When Dear Deirdre became a new icon

23. When this lady tried to predict the future by chucking asparagus around

24. When they managed to stretch this out for an entire seven-minute segment

25. When a feathered friend ran amok in the studio

26. When this lady opened up about her paranormal love life

27. When Alison Hammond met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

[h/t @daytimesnaps]