Bicornuate Uterus: Pregnant Woman Shares Instagram Photo Of ‘Heart-Shaped’ Baby Bump

A pregnant woman has shared a photo of what looks like a ‘heart-shaped’ baby bump.

Gala Caldirola, 24, is a Spanish model expecting her first child with Chilean footballer Mauricio Isla. She has been sharing photos of her pregnancy journey on Instagram to her 1.5 million followers.

Sharing a photo of her bump, Caldirola wrote [translated]: “This is a beautiful curiosity, probably not the only one in the world but it is the first time I [have seen] it and I would love to know if someone else had seen it.

“In the ultrasound the doctor had already told me that my uterus had a heart shape and today for the first time I could see it so clearly.” 

One person commented on the photo [in Spanish]: “Wow, I see it too. This is beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Yes, there is a heart shape here.”

So how common is it for a woman to have a heart-shaped uterus?

Speaking to HuffPost UK, independent midwife, Lesley Gilchrist, founder of My Expert Midwife said: “It’s impossible to say whether this bump photo is a result of baby’s position in the womb or the shape of the uterus.

“Some women, albeit rarely, have a heart-shaped uterus. It’s known as a ‘bicornuate’ uterus.

“This shape makes it more likely that baby will prefer the head up/bottom down position, or ‘breech’ position.

“Although, we can’t diagnose a bicornuate uterus simply by looking at the abdomen.” 

Pregnancy charity Tommy’s states on their website: “A bicornuate womb is heart-shaped. Women with a bicornuate womb have no extra difficulties with conception or in early pregnancy, but there is a slightly higher risk of miscarriage and preterm birth.

“It can also affect the way the baby lies in later pregnancy so a caesarean birth might be recommended.”