Nigel Farage’s Woes Have Been Mocked In A Brilliant Thread Everyone Can Relate To

On Friday, Nigel Farage was interviewed in sympathetic fashion by the Daily Mail as he revealed he was “skint” after spending 18 years as a Ukip MEP fighting for Brexit.

Under the headline “53, separated and skint”, the interview also described how he cannot leave his “midweek home in Chelsea” for a pint for security reasons amid threats and abuse.

Not that there was much sympathy for Brexit’s cheerleader-in-chief on social media.

Farage has said he would claim his £73,000-a-year pension from the European Parliament after Brexit, but told the paper: “There’s no money in politics, particularly doing it the way I’ve done it, 20 years of spending more than you earn.”

But there was an epic response from one writer that topped the lot.

Travel journalist David Whitley imagined the every day frustrations that could also blight Farage

… over an extraordinary 30-plus tweets.

Here are some of the most amusing.


The litany of how life can come at you fast prompted others to imagine further scenarios where Farage is left in the doldrums.  

Many others loved it, and even gave the phenomena a name: schadenfarage 

Presumably it’s the pleasure derived by someone from Farage’s misfortune.