Nigel Farage Says 18 Years As A Ukip MEP Has Left Him ‘Skint’

Nigel Farage has said he is “skint” after spending 18 years as a Ukip MEP fighting for Brexit.

He told the Daily Mail he was “53, separated and skint” in an interview which also describes how he cannot leave his “midweek home in Chelsea” for a pint for security reasons amid threats and abuse.

Farage, who was accused of hypocrisy for saying he would claim his £73,000-a-year pension from the European Parliament after Brexit, told the paper: “There’s no money in politics, particularly doing it the way I’ve done it, 20 years of spending more than you earn…

“I have big expenses, lots of kids to pay for and things like that.”

Farage has four children from two marriages. His second wife Kirsten Mehr said earlier this year he had moved out of the family home in Kent “a while ago” and

But despite his outgoings, Remainers were not convinced by his claim that he was short on money.

The irony of Farage saying he’s “lonely, separated and skint” as that’s precisely the state he’s put the country in.
Farage is doing his “man of the people” thing again. “I’m just like you, I’m broke after spending all my £100,000 MEP salary on racist campaigning. We’re the same, you and I.”

December 16, 2017
Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see Nigel Farage out of his tree on white cider outside Clapham Junction station, blowing a harmonica tunelessly, holding out his piss-stained fedora at disdainful passers-by. Happily, Ladbrokes are offering 2/1 on ‘by next Monday’.

December 16, 2017
Farage earns £109,000 as an MEP plus expenses he has claimed previously that this gives him a salary of  £250,000 pa. Add in the media appearances and you’re looking at one of the best paid politicians in the UK So he’s lying.

December 16, 2017
Imagine how embarrassed Nige will be when he remembers he gets a salary in excess of £80,000 as an MEP (more than three times the UK average) despite only turning up for 37% of votes…

December 16, 2017
As well as his work as an MEP, the salary for which is £89,000, Farage broadcasts for LBC and lists himself as a contributor to Fox News in America.

Farage said he faced abuse in the streets because of his campaigning on Brexit and could not go out on his own.

He also called the Tory rebels who inflicted a parliamentary defeat on the Government this week “bloody awful people”.

The interviewer wrote these MPs had “pulled the rug from under our EU negotiators this week, betraying 17.4 million Brexit voters”.

The interview did not mention his recent endorsement of Alabama politician Roy Moore, who thinks homosexuality should “probably” be illegal and was narrowly defeated this week.

Glaring absences in the Mail’s Farage interview: not so much as a mention of Trump, Bannon or the Roy Moore endorsement. What a historic cop-out. Who cares how many fags he is or isn’t smoking

December 16, 2017