G-Eazy Is The Latest Musician To Collaborate With H&M

H&M today announced its next fashion collaboration would be with American rapper G-Eazy, launching in Spring 2018.

The popular artist, most well-known for his 2015 single ‘Me, Myself & I’, has attracted a legion of fans in the fashion crowd for his unique sense of style.

In an interview with H&M ahead of the launch, he said: “Style has been important to me my whole life, long before I could afford to dress how I would like to. I just see it as another way to express yourself.”

The 28-year-old certainly seems to be the right choice for H&M. He takes simple pieces and gives them a twist with accessories, which is perfect for the basics and essentials he will be designing for the every man.

Still, everyone has their fair share of fashion faux pas.

G-Eazy admits that his previous red carpet looks may have taken things too far.

“I know I took a risk at the VMAs that may not have gone so well. I wore leather trousers, a red velvet shirt completely unbuttoned and opened, and I kind of got some flack for it,” he said, recalling the 2016 look.

“Looking back, maybe I could have hit a couple buttons on that. [Laughs] But I said, I’m at the VMAs and I’m in skinny, black leather trousers and a red velvet shirt. Why not?”