Accidental Icon: 64 Year-Old Fashion Blogger Dominates Instagram With Her Fierce Looks

Lyn Slater is a model, professor, writer and Instagram sensation, who happens to be 64.

A champion of the #ageisnotavariable movement, Slater’s taste for quirky, yet timeless, fashion demonstrates how accessible true style really is.

She took the opportunity to blog (Accidental Icon) on the subject of personal style as an ode to the fact that, basically, nothing can stop you from slaying.

Slater’s blog is a way for her to express herself “in ways that include visual storytelling,” which enables her to “indulge [her] love of fashion.”

You only have to see the way she puts pieces together to understand her insta fame of 274K followers.

Slater spoke to HuffPost UK about her experience as an emerging style icon.

“The response to my blog and other social media has been such a wonderful surprise ,” she said. “I love that I have followers of all ages and from all over the world.

Slater credits her “general acceptance” of her age and the importance of being authentic to the way people are responding to her.

But her blog does not have a linear message or aim, other than to “express my views of fashion through my personal style and writing”.

“It has been a very nice, unintended consequence that I have helped people to feel less afraid of getting older,” Slater continued.

“And to see that opportunities present themselves during all stages of life, you just need to be open to them.”

Take a look at some of our favourite ‘accidental icon’ outfits so far.