Daily Mail Accused Of Putting MPs At Risk Of Abuse With Front Page Lambasting Tory Brexit Rebels

The Daily Mail has been accused of putting MPs at risk of abuse after it slammed 11 Tory rebels as “self-consumed malcontents” on its front page, asking: “Proud of yourselves?”

The government was narrowly defeated in a key vote on its Brexit bill last night after a group of Conservatives sided with the opposition and voted in favour of giving MPs a meaningful vote of the exit deal agreed with Brussels.

According to the newspaper, the Tory rebels, which include Anna Soubry, Nicky Morgan and Dominic Grieve, have betrayed “their leader, party and 17.4 million Brexit voters”.

Splashing the photos of the MPs across its front page, the Daily Mail lambasted the group for pulling the rug from underneath EU negotiators and increasing the possibility of a “Marxist in No.10″.

In a comment piece accompanying the main story, the paper also questioned whether a female Tory MP Soubry claimed was reduced to tears by a whip to back the Government was “truly a victim of bullying” or whether they were “tears of remorse for threatening wanton treachery?”

Critics have condemned the story as “outrageous and irresponsible”, calling the treatment of the rebel MPs “bullying”.

BBC World journalist Julia MacFarlane compared the tone of the article to “placing a large ‘wanted’ poster on their front page”.

“Only last year an MP was murdered for her beliefs by a deranged extremist,” she wrote on Twitter. “Whipping up hatred in this way is dangerous and has consequences.” 

Others, including MPs, also took to social media to echo concerns:

Appalling Daily Mail bullying and abuse of power as they focus hate on just 11 people. No mention of the other 298 MPs, or 16,141,241 voters pic.twitter.com/L2zgsaPg51

December 14, 2017
When judges uphold the law, they are branded enemies of the people. When MPs uphold democracy, they are branded traitors. Never has it been more important to reassert our values. pic.twitter.com/baELrja6td

December 13, 2017
Whether you voted leave or remain, are Tory, Lib Dem, Labour, SNP, PC, green, DUP, UKIP is Monster Raving Loony, surely we can agree intimidation not part of the democracy we want or our country deserves. Win the argument, don’t frighten people into submission! https://t.co/czwlNHwgsx

December 14, 2017
They certainly should be. Country over party and do not underestimate the bravery this took. pic.twitter.com/LQfc6col7l
Daily Mail’s headline on Tory “rebels” is outrageous & irresponsible. Those elected members stood up for their views & voted for what they believe is best for their country. They should be commended not vilified, especially when they face such bullying from the media.

December 14, 2017
Yet again, the Daily Mail is doing the “here are the traitors” thing. An MP was murdered by an extremist last year. Our MPs can be venal, awful shits but they also do a job and we cannot keep allowing these rags to put Xs on their foreheads. pic.twitter.com/37DkZILyHw

December 13, 2017
Others – including the editor of the Birmingham Mail – suggested it was the day “the Mail lost the plot”, with many pointing out a lack of consistency in the tabloid’s stance when it comes to both sovereignty and MPs rebelling over Brexit.

The Daily Mail used to be famous for its unique understanding of Middle England’s psyche – including that innate sense of decency and fair play. Today is the day the Mail lost the plot #RIPDailyMail

December 14, 2017
Anyway, here’s the Daily Mail in 2016, demanding Tory MPs put loyalty to party and leader aside and follow their consciences. Life comes at you fast. pic.twitter.com/gs6opHg63Y

December 13, 2017
Many of the MPs featured in the splash have hit back at the story, with Soubry agreeing that she is indeed proud of her decision to rebel.

“We put our country first exerting British principles of democracy and free speech,” she rebuffed. “You should try it some time.”

Yes. We put our country first exerting British principles of democracy and free speech. You should try it sometime. pic.twitter.com/qxZmOxE5MB
Yes. Proud to #TakeBackControl for our Parliament, where there is no majority for a chaotic no-deal Brexit. https://t.co/CP6G8KdxY5
This @DailyMailUK hysteria is a thing to behold. It’s not going to block Brexit fgs, just make it a softer landing https://t.co/l4UHDRFiFw
Meanwhile, Huntingdon MP Jonathan Djanogly shared a festive reboot of today’s front page… 
I prefer this version! But to be clear vote was NOT attempt to stop or hinder Brexit it WAS about ensuring that our nation’s future is discussed by Parliament and not just implemented by an unchecked Executive. pic.twitter.com/PrL5aunqR3

December 14, 2017
“I prefer this version!” he wrote. “But to be clear [the] vote was NOT attempt to stop or hinder Brexit. It WAS about ensuring that our nation’s future is discussed by Parliament and not just implemented by an unchecked Executive.”

The Daily Mail has yet to respond to HuffPost UK’s requests for comment regarding the claims.