This Girl Made A ‘Wall Of Sorrow’ To Guilt-Trip Her Dad Into Getting Her A Cat

girl who was told by her dad she wasn’t allowed a cat, refused to take “no” for an answer. 

The 13-year-old opted to make a “wall of sorrow” in her family living room, which included pictures of cats, notes and desperate pleas for the fluffy pet.

The girl’s sister, Danielle Grubisic, from the US, tweeted a photo of the wall on 10 December, with news that it worked.

“My little sister made a ‘wall of sorrow’ to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat.. well it worked,” she wrote.

Included on the ‘wall of sorrow’ were notes saying: “Please”, “but why?”, “please, you’re letting cats die alone” and “they’re so sad”.

She also added pictures of sad-looking cats with captions saying “this is because of you”, as well as her own drawings of a feline.

“But why did you do this to me?” a speech bubble from one of the cat read. 

Naturally, the dad eventually gave in to the pleas and the final picture of Grubisic’s tweet showed a photo of him with a cat on his lap.

The tweet had more than 120,000 likes and thousands of comments. 

“My sister has wanted [a cat] ever since our other cat died of old age about two years ago,’ Grubisic told Metro.

“And she got one three days ago from the animal shelter!”