My Motivation: How I Stay Focused For Fitness While Travelling For Work

I am a massive fitness nut. I’ve been exercising my whole life and when I travel for work, even though I’m out of my normal routine, I need to exercise – I just love it.

No matter where I’m travelling to for business, I’ll always pack a pair of trainers. If I always have them to hand, then I haven’t got the excuse not to work out.

One of my favourite things to do when I’m in a new city is to get outdoors and go for a run. I’ll find a green space, do some sprints and run for 20 minutes. For me, it’s about using my environment… and it’s a great way to explore and discover new places.

If I’m away on business, I make sure I do something for 20 minutes every day. I try to always stay in a hotel with a gym so I can exercise. I also like using the fitness suites at the hotel, like the pool, where I can swim lengths up and down.

I’m also really into short, sharp, high-intensity interval training – burpees, star jumps, press-ups – they’re a lifesaver. You can do those anytime, anywhere, and those workouts don’t take much time out of your day.

I make slight adjustments to my routine when I’m travelling for business. What works for me is getting up a smidgen earlier and getting that workout done. If I haven’t trained by 4pm – or even lunchtime – I just won’t do it, so I need to make sure I work out in the morning.

I don’t really miss my regular gym routine when I’m travelling because I like to keep my workouts really varied. I’m not regimented about what I do – it all depends on the day of the week, how tired I am and where I am. One day I might have a leg day and the next might be hot yoga and then a spin class the workout after that.

Keeping my workouts varied is one way I stay motivated to exercise, no matter where I am. I like to mix HIIT with something good for the mind, like yoga or Pilates. That’s really my time out away from the world. I can only kill myself in a HIIT workout or class if the next day I can have a peace-and-quiet session working on my stretches.

I see my business travel trips as a bit of an opportunity to keep on mixing up my training. I find that’s key to keeping the weight off. If things get boring and you’re not moving enough, you’re not boosting your metabolism or burning any fat. It’s really important to keep it short and sharp and mix up lots of different exercises.

My headspace is always quite good when I’m working away because I’m in a working frame of mind so I don’t find it hard to get stuff done. I’m quite motivated to find a time to work out. I cope with exhaustion (from flights and travel) by staying hydrated – I always drink two to three litres of water a day without fail – which I find helps me with tiredness levels.

Keeping track of my diet when away on a business trip really keeps my motivation levels high: I’m wheat and dairy-free and I’m pretty much a vegetarian. These things really help for me: if I ever have a pizza, I’m lethargic and sluggish in the morning and I don’t want to train.

I also come prepared for a flight with healthy snacks or fruit, and I make sure to get a healthy lunch like sushi. It’s key for me to do this so I don’t reach for the chocolate brownie instead of the banana and then compromise my desire to work out.

I find if you can get everything in synergy together, the motivation comes.

I like to have a happy balance with it all. When I feel good, which I do after exercising, it gets my endorphins going and then that helps motivate me when it comes to doing my job that day.

This is why it’s so important for me to get up slightly earlier when I’m away.

I also think rest days are key when you train regularly like I do – so I definitely give myself more of a rest when I need it, and sometimes that might be when I’m travelling away on business. In my twenties, I used to kill myself with my workouts. I’d exercise seven days a week with no rest day, and I’d be pulling muscles left, right and centre. Now, if I’m tired, I will stop and enjoy some downtime.

Life is so much more amazing when I exercise. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I feel the world seems a lot brighter and I’m a lot happier. With those endorphins pumping through my body, I can tackle things that I never thought I could.

Exercise makes me feel good. My friends who don’t exercise really struggle with their energy levels and outlook on life.

My baby also keeps me motivated every single day. I look at my 13-month-old daughter and I want to be healthy and fit and strong for her. I love going running with her – she already loves the outdoors like I do.