Why Your Weaknesses Are Good For You

I’ve often been described as ‘too sensitive’.

I get too involved with other people’s issues, I’m no good at taking criticism, and am generally an emotional person.

I remember as a child thinking that this was ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’.

With hindsight, I really wish I had a pound for every time I was told that I need to ‘toughen up’.

What I’ve come to realise over the years, is that my so-called weakness of being too sensitive, is actually good for me. It’s a strength of my character.

My sensitivity means that I can quickly empathise with others and understand their feelings. This is fantastic for my coaching work with children and teenagers, and it also helps me to be a more understanding mother.

From a ‘woo woo’ perspective, my sensitivity means that I can sense an atmosphere. It’s like my internal thermometer and helps me know what I need to do to improve the atmosphere. It can also keep me safe, as I know when to get out of situations that aren’t going well.

Being too sensitive has helped me realise a passion and purpose  – to help others.

Yes, I can get drawn into other people’s problems, but it’s from the perspective that I can show them a way out.

My sensitivity has also meant that I have the tools I need to stop stressing and stay calm. It’s such a generational thing to say ‘stop crying’, when in fact a good cry can serve us well. A good cry releases all the pent up emotions inside. If you don’t let them out, they build up and come out as anger or stress, and they can cause harm inside the body too, playing havoc with your immune system.

So, my message to you is to embrace your weaknesses and see what purpose they have for you.

Yes, I have lots of weaknesses – I’ve got no sense of direction whatsoever and often get lost wherever I go.

I’m not that good at cooking either. I make recipes up as I go and my kids normally cheer when they know that my husband has made the meal.

You have a choice when it comes to your so-called weaknesses.

You can embrace them and accept them, or you can see them as something that needs to be improved.

I choose the first option, because no-one is perfect and we’re all amazing, unique individuals.

Life would be boring if we were all the same, with the same gifts and talents.

So, take time if you can, to write down your weaknesses and see if they have actually served you in any way. Have they given you an extra skill, or led you to a career that you love?

If you feel that your weaknesses are holding you back, what can you do to build on them, or accept them just as they are?

Your strengths and weaknesses work in harmony to make you the wonderful person that you are.

Be proud of your weaknesses, they’re part of you.

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