Post-Christmas Lounging: The Best Lingerie And PJs To Wear This Year

There’s nothing quite like lounging after a days of agressive shopping, planning and eating like there’s no tomorrow.

While you may not be in the mood for doing the most in the glam department, there’s no need to forego the cuteness during the post-Christmas lull.

Nightwear and lingerie pieces have bad reps for being pretty but impractical, sometimes even uncomfortable.

But there are items that feel as cozy as they look attractive. And, ranging in styles from two-piece pyjamas to onesies and silky nightgowns, there’s plenty to choose from.

Good loungewear also comes in a range of prices suitable for a number of occasions, from après Ski hangouts to nights in with friends.

Scroll on for the most lounge-worthy pieces ideal for that documentary binge you’ve been meaning to have.