Cameron, 10, Planning To Play The Drums After Getting Bionic Hand

A boy’s Christmas wish to be able to use both his hands will be granted following a charity appeal.

Cameron Millar, 10, was born without a right hand but has always been determined to overcome the challenges this presented.

Last week he and his mother, Margaret Millar, launched an appeal to raise £10,000 for a high-tech bionic limb before Christmas.

The target was reached within days thanks to donations from across the UK.

Millar said: “We were overwhelmed with the support we received after our story hit the headlines last week.”

Some great coverage today for @Forth1CFK’s Raise a Hand for Cameron appeal. To donate, head over to the Cash for Kids website now! @ScotNational …

December 4, 2017
“Donations just kept coming to us and we reached the target within a few days,” Millar said.

“This means the world to Cameron and he’s absolutely thrilled to know that he’ll achieve his dream of having a bionic hand, and he’s already making plans to learn to play the drums.”

The schoolboy, a keen ‘Star Wars’ fan, has chosen a bionic hand featuring an illustration of his superhero role model Luke Skywalker.

The charity appeal was run with Radio Forth’s Cash for Kids and Emma Kemp, charity manager at the Edinburgh-based station, said: “As soon as we heard Cameron’s story, we had to do our bit to help.

“We quickly set up a fundraising page and this allowed the family to receive donations.

“Despite facing such a major challenge in his life, he never stops smiling and is incredibly positive and optimistic.

“Christmas is often a time of year when we focus on our own friends and family, but to witness the generosity Cameron received over the last week is amazing.”