Get Your Dog Out Of The City And Head To These Hidden Gems

When you have to take the dog out every morning, it can feel like a little bit of a chore. With work beckoning and the children screaming out for breakfast, you may even start to wonder if you are taking your best friend for granted. Why not head out to some of the UK’s best dog walking spots to replenish your partnership?

And of course, there are a ton of extra benefits to getting out in the great outdoors. Recent research shows that stomping around the woods is on a par with meditation. If everything is getting a bit much in today’s fast paced world, returning to nature not only gives you some essential exercise, but also puts many of your stresses and strains into a new perspective.

That leaves us with one simple problem. Where to take the dog? In this article we profile some of the best places for your walkies in and around some of the UK’s top metropolitan locations. All you need to do is bring the lead, your boots and some biscuits.

London’s Hidden Green Spaces

You would be forgiven for thinking that London is all hustle and bustle, where the 24/7 lifestyle never blinks an eye. Dog walking is the perfect anathema to this non-stop cultural consciousness, presenting you with an opportunity to reconnect with nature and more organic rhythm to life.

● Kenwood Park – situated in the shadows of the statuesque Kenwood House, this 112-acre park is something to behold. Tranquillity awaits as you explore the surrounds with your hound. Discover ancient oaks and purple seas of rhododendrons.

● London Fields – Eastern residents of London can enjoy this historic common land which offers plenty of large grassy spaces for your dog to go off the leash and a wildflower meadow waiting to be explored, you can walk away the stresses of life in an afternoon of breezy relaxation.

Edinburgh’s Forgotten Gems

Scotland’s capital city has a charm of its own, but when it comes to taking little paws out on a lead, you probably want a locale that’s a little more secluded. Check out the following:

● Lochend Park – if you like a saunter around waterside surrounds then Lochend Park has a large open space, perfect for the bigger dog. Peaceful whilst very accessible from the centre of Edinburgh, it’s surprising that more dog walkers don’t regularly visit this lovely natural hideaway.

● Inverleith Park – This park offers loads of grass for the obligatory games of fetch and tossing that old chewed up frisbee. Make sure your dog is well trained and socialised, as there tend to be plenty of other owners with the same idea as you.

Manchester’s Best Routes

There are plenty of resources detailing some quality walks in Manchester, but one of the best we found is from the Support Adoption for Pets website. These trails are more than worth a Sunday afternoon-sized portion of your time:

● Chorlton Ees – Close to the city and full of winding pathways that will charm you into forgetting the hour of the day. Stumble upon the secret fields and lake during your first excursions.

● Manchester Ship Canals – it’s impossible to not be drawn to Manchester’s characteristic waterways. Stretching all the way to Liverpool, there’s plenty of green spaces dotted along the routes that harbour unexpected sights, wildlife and serene resting places.

Step Outside of Belfast

Whilst the beautiful buildings, historic streets and friendly faces make you feel welcome, there’s plenty more to this city when it comes to taking off with the dog. Consider these green spaces:

● Sir Thomas & Lady Dixon Park – renowned for its tall trees and flower gardens this green space is punctuated all year round by seasonal colours. Circumnavigate the grounds in under an hour or dive into the picturesque pathways, as you and your trusted dog get to know this much-underrated space.

● Victoria Park – this park features a nature trail, as well as a long, looping track that’s easy to follow and big enough for everyone with the same dog-walking aspirations as you.

Sheffield’s Best Parks

Steel City is a harbour of civilisation set in beautiful countryside that offers plenty for dog walkers. We cannot recommend these trails highly enough:

● Graves Park – secluded to the south of the city centre, this is the largest public park in the Sheffield surrounds. Explore the woods and you’ll find a curious old amphitheatre and various weather-worn wooden statues. A great place to take your pooch off the leash.

● Rother Valley – this country park has it all. Take the dog around the pathways or stumble off the beaten track with a huge array of natural sights, such as the old quarry that’s now been converted into four artificial lakes, giving you plenty of room to stretch your legs and exercise your beloved doggy.

A Final Thought

Are there hidden green spaces and great dog friendly woods, parks and riverside walks outside your home city? Get out then and explore.