Pet Name Inspiration: The Most Popular Cat And Dog Names Of 2017 Revealed

Forget baby names, the most popular pet names for 2017 have been revealed – and we’re bookmarking them as inspiration for future fur-babies. 

Argos pet insurance used customer data to reveal the most popular cat and dog names from this year, with Poppy proving to be the most popular name for both female cats and dogs.

Meanwhile the name Charlie came up trumps for male cats and Alfie for dogs.

For the female felines, the clear frontrunner this year was Poppy, knocking last year’s favourite Luna off the top spot. In second place was long-standing popular name Bella, closely followed by Molly.

One determined female cat name that’s slowly been clawing its way back up the list is Daisy, which was in 10th place last year but now holds fifth place.

For the handsome tomcats, the name Charlie came top of the list for 2017, replacing last year’s favourite Oliver. It is closely followed by all-time classic cat name Oscar, which came in second this year.

Falling slightly out of favour for the boys are last year’s second and third most-favoured names Max and Milo, which now hold fourth and fifth position.

Among dogs, Poppy knocked last year’s favourite Bella (another mutually popular cat and dog name) out of pole position and into second place.

Molly came in third place, climbing from sixth place since last year.

Among males, the clear front-runner this year with a huge lead was Alfie, which replaced 2016′s best dog name Max, now in third place.

Second place is now occupied by Charlie, which happens to be the most popular male cat name this year.