Van Driver Marek Zakrocki Told Police He Would ‘Kill A Muslim’ Before Ploughing Into Curry House

A van driver who told police he was going to “kill a Muslim” before ploughing into a curry house on the anniversary of the Brexit vote has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and assault.

According to police, 48-year-old Marek Zakrocki downed two bottles of wine on June 23 before going on a drunken rampage around north-west London, shouting about “white power”.

Following an argument with his wife – who he admitted to assaulting in court – the Harrow resident warned that he was going to harm Muslims in an attack on a religious building, leaving in his van.

The police were then called by his worried daughter. In a phone call with officers, Zakrocki – a Polish national – said: “I’m going to kill a Muslim. I’m doing this for Britain.

“This is the way I am going to help the country. You people can’t do anything. I am going to do it my way because that is what I think is right.”

After shouting racist abuse at a local shopping centre and pushing an unknown victim in a separate incident, Zakrocki drove to an Indian restaurant in Harrow, police said.

The van driver went on to plough into the front of the curry house twice after getting into a row with its owner.

The restaurant boss was forced to jump out of the way when Zakrocki also took aim at him with his vehicle.

Zakrocki was stopped and arrested by armed officers minutes after fleeing the scene, when it was discovered that he was also in possession of a kitchen knife and a baton-torch.

During a later interview with officers, he claimed that he was not racist and did not want to harm anyone.

Investigating officer DC Georgina Acuna said: “This was a terrifying ordeal for the witnesses and victims. Zakrocki was almost three times over the drink-driving limit and it was through pure good-fortune that no one was injured during his rampage.

“Hate crime, in all its forms, will not be tolerated and offenders such as Zakrocki will be brought to justice.”

Zakrocki will be sentenced at the Old Bailey in January.