This Trump Christmas Jumper Promises To Make The Festive Season Great Again (And Raise Money For Charity)

The limited edition Jeremy Corbyn Christmas jumper that took the internet by storm has raised over £5,000 for Save The Children since its launch in November. 

Bolstered by the attention from their first campaign, British brand Not Just has brought out a new jumper that could out-viral the last. 

“We were simply astounded by the support we received online for our Jerry Christmas festive knit and were inundated with requests for more jumpers,” Not Just founder Mike Harding told HuffPost UK.

“So here you have it,” he continues. “We’ve produced 250 limited edition knits of this year’s biggest pantomime villain – The Donald.”

Called The Grinch, the latest creation features a green monster who resembles the 45th President of the United States.

It even has a familiar sounding slogan: Make Christmas Great Again. 

The British brand is using tongue-in-cheek humour to be charitable, with 50% of the profit from the sales of the £35 jumper also going to Save The Children.

Harding, told HuffPost UK that raising money and awareness for vulnerable children was at the heart of the campaign. 

This kind of work is especially crucial during “a time of year when loneliness and poverty can affect those suffering the worst,” said Harding.

Harding also explained why they chose to feature Corbyn as the model on the jumper.

“We turned to Corbyn as our hero figure because throughout the year he has been a face of positivity and hope for so many young people in this country,” said Harding.

“He also just happens to bear a striking resemblance to Father Christmas when he’s put in a Christmas hat.”

But if you’d rather have a “Jerry Christmas”,  than a “great” one, then rest assured: Not Just has produced another 500 jumpers due to popular demand. 

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