Twitter Is Totally Relating To This M&S Mannequin ‘Trying To Hold It Together At A Christmas Party’

Shop mannequins may be intended to inspire us with visions of how we will look in the hottest Christmas party looks, but M&S has made the scenario a little too realistic.

This was likened to that moment at an awkward work party, when you’ve been holding a drink for so long that you wouldn’t notice if it was taken away.

 “Liking the M&S ‘trying to hold it together at the office party’ range,” BryceElder captioned the image.

Liking the M&S “trying to hold it together at the office party” range.
Obviously the rest of Twitter had to get involved by sharing their versions of the ‘mannequin-at-Christmas-party’ range. 
Yeah it was a good follow up to their “trying to hold a wee in” range.
Some of us might be able to relate to this one… 
Though the humour in this one might be an acquired taste. 
There’s also a Mr Tickle range for the handsy festive party perv.
And, if these mannequins are representing us at a Christymas party, this last one is giving us major it’s-ten-thirty-can-I-please-go-home-now vibes.