Boots Opticians’ Children’s Glasses Display Criticised For Sexist Slogans And Colours

Boots Opticians has been criticised for a display of pink and blue glasses for kids’ that features sexist slogans.

Paul Trueman, from north Devon, was sent a photo of the display in a Boots Opticians store by a friend. The glasses had the slogans “pretty as a princess” next to pink frames and “super tough for super heroes” next to the blue ones.

Although there was no specific signage stating these glasses were for boys and girls, these colours used in the signage are commonly used to indicate gender, especially on products aimed at children.

“Hey Boots UK,” Trueman tweeted on Friday 1 December. “You really, really, REALLY need to have a word with the dinosaur in charge of your kids’ glasses signage.

“Yours, the 21st century x #pretty #tough #gender #everydaysexism.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK about the display, Trueman said: “My friend saw this in her local store (staffed by perfectly lovely people) and snapped it, mainly because she couldn’t quite believe it, and I couldn’t either.

“It’s 2017 and Boots can, and should, do much better than this.”

Many people agreed with Trueman’s outrage at the glasses display.

In line with the “let toys be toys” and “let clothes be clothes campaigns, which aim to get rid of gender stereotyping, Trueman even pondered whether we would need a “let glasses be glasses” campaign. 

Speaking to HuffPost UK, a Boots Opticians spokesperson apologised for the display. 

”Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologise for any offence this may have caused,” they said.

“This is not in line with our brand principles and not current Boots Opticians show material. It should not have been used.

“This appears to be an isolated incident in one store; we are currently investigating this and we will be asking them to remove immediately.”

Boots Opticians has been informed of the participating store.