Royal Mail Letters To Santa: Parents Reminded Of Deadline For Posting Letters To Father Christmas In 2017

Children who want to post their letter to Santa this year have until Friday 8 November to get it sent, if they want a response.

The Royal Mail has revamped its website this year to show kids the journey their letter takes before it reaches Father Christmas.

The annual tradition sees nearly 800,000 letters sent by children in the UK to Royal Mail’s special address: Santa/Father Christmas, Santa’s Grotto, Reindeerland XM4 5HQ.

Kids then receive a response addressed to them from Santa himself.

Parents must remember to include their child’s full name and a return address to guarantee a reply before Christmas day.

“Hello boys and girls,” the message from Santa reads on the Royal Mail’s website. “What do you want for Christmas? It’s time to let me know.

“Grab your pen and paper. Post it quickly. Ho ho ho!

“Add your name and your address (and a sprinkle of Christmas cheer), then post it to the address above and follow its journey here.”

Santa’s team of helpers at Royal Mail have been helping to deliver Santa’s replies to children’s Christmas wishes for over 50 years.

In his reply, Santa gives children an update on how his preparations for the big day are going. He advises children to be good, to be asleep and wishes them a very happy Christmas.

So where do all the letters go, we hear parents ask…

All kids’ letters are delivered to a post office in northern Finland, the Telegraph revealed back in 2013.

“The main function of this post office is to sort and reply to some of the 550,000 letters that arrive each year,” they wrote.

“British children remain committed correspondents; a fifth of all the letters last year came from Britain, second only to Italy.”