The Slave Auctions In Libya Are Proof Of The Development Crisis In Africa

Migration is an issue that has forever been so close to my heart, and hearing of the atrocities going on in Libya made me feel so heavy and disgusted. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that the horrific issue of slave auctions in Libya is part of the ongoing development crisis in Africa. The inhumane, brutal and sickening treatment of these individuals is not just a backward leap into a dark historic path but also serves as a reminder of the role of Africans and traditional rulers involvement in the slave trade of over 400 years ago. The act of one African stripping another African of all human dignity and enslaving them is rather unimaginable, but it is happening.

For so long people have asked about the under-development of African nations despite endowment of immense natural and human resources. But in reality, we don’t have to look too far to get answers. Corruption, civil unrest, lack of political vision has often been the characteristics of many states in Africa. These are the very issues causing migrants to flee countries looking and searching for better lives risking very dangerous conditions and finding themselves in the evil of modern day slavery.

We need to call on African governments, the time of egocentric, self-interested and greedy leadership has to end! It was barely a few weeks ago we all saw the situation in Zimbabwe when Robert Mugabe finally stepped down there was so much joy and excitement, but at the same time, some of us still remained wary of the future. Whether the change in leadership genuinely signaled a change of new era is something we can’t be sure of. Mugabe was in power for 37 years!! Why on earth would a progressive leader who really had their country at heart want to hog on to power for that long?

The conditions of many countries in Africa has meant many people fleeing for their lives while at the same time turning some into barbaric animals who have no heart but enslave others. The Fragile Libyan state which lacks rule of Law has no doubt contributed to current events in Libya.

The world is abhorred – we all call on action as something needs to be done, but let us also remember the root causes and help to prevent future events like this from happening. African leaders need to pay particular attention state and the development crisis going on. There definitely has been significant growth in a number of economies over the years far more than the media focuses on. But at the same time, we can’t run away from the fact that enormous amounts of wealth has been concentrated in the hands of elites while many others find themselves in poverty-stricken conditions. We can’t keep taking steps backward into deep and dark times things have to change and it really has to start now!