How To Make Mulled Wine That’s Guaranteed To Impress Your Party Guests

When the weather outside is making you want to hibernate, a luxurious serving of homemade mulled wine is the perfect way to warm up.

Thankfully, making mulled wine yourself is pretty simple. All you’ll need is:

:: 1/4 of a cup of brown sugar
:: 10 smashed cardamon seeds
:: 5 thin slices of ginger 
:: 1 orange peel
:: 1 bottle of red wine of your choice

Simply place all the ingredients in a pan and shimmer on a low heat for one hour while the flavours infuse.

Try the liquid and add ingredients to taste, then when you’re happy, strain the liquid over a sieve and serve with orange peel to garnish.

Not a fan of cardamon seeds? You can easily switch these out for a cinnamon stick.

Try this recipe out on your friends and family and you’ll all be in the festive spirit in no time.