‘I’m A Celebrity’: Amir Khan Lets Iain Lee Take The Blame For Strawberries And Cream Theft, And Viewers Are Not Happy

Amir Khan has rubbed ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ viewers up the wrong way, after throwing fellow campmate Iain Lee under the bus in last night’s (29 November) episode.

In the most recent instalment of the ITV show, the group won strawberries and cream for correctly answering a question, with Amir and Iain going to pick up the treat together.

However, once they got there, the boxer proposed scoffing the lot themselves, telling Iain: “I’m having them. I want them, I want to eat them now.”

Upon returning to camp, Iain’s guilt got the better of him, and he wound up confessing all to the rest of the disappointed contestants.

He said: “I have something really horrible to confess. We won the strawberries and cream, I thought it would be really funny to eat them all on my own, I am not joking, I am beyond shame and cannot live with this anymore.”

And despite the whole thing being his idea, Amir let the rest of the camp think it was Iain’s suggestion that they eat the group’s strawberries and cream, which didn’t go down well with viewers, who gave him the full Taylor Swift treatment and branded him a “snake”…

Ironic that amir Khan is scared off snakes yet he’s the biggest snake in the jungle steals the strawberries then blames it all on Iain #ImACelebrity
I realise it’s a prem ⚽️ night, but that aside. What Amir Khan has just instigated on @imacelebrity is shocking. #strawberrycreamgate #tossers
Amir Khan is the biggest snake in the I’m a celebrity jungle #imaceleb
Absolutely disgusting Amir is shocking for forcing Iain then Iain to scared to say it was Amir then Amir blaming Iain total pricks
Disgusting that they ate them but worse that Amir instigated it completely and then blamed it all on Ian, not a real man if he can’t take responsibility for his own Actions ?

November 29, 2017
When Amir pretends hes scared of snakes for the full series and it turns out he actually is a snake. @imacelebrity @amirkingkhan
Catching up #ImACeleb How ironic, Amir is scared of snakes …..he IS a snake! ?
This was funny until @amirkingkhan threw @iainlee under the bus like that. Respect lost Amir
The current series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’ has been met with a lukewarm response from some long-term fans of the show – including former campmate Gemma Collins – and with many complaining about a lack of drama, we can’t imagine it’ll be too long until producers let the camp find out the whole truth…

‘I’m A Celebrity’ airs every night on ITV.