Most Popular Baby Names 2016: Top 100 UK Boys’ And Girls’ Names Released By BabyCentre

It’s that time of year again – no, not Chritmas, time for parenting site, BabyCentre to release its official top 100 baby names.

The lists are created from a survey of more than 94,665 parents who between them gave birth to 51,073 boys and 43,592 girls this year.

Olivia retained the top girl’s spot for the third year running, while for boys Muhammad has moved back to poll position, ahead of Oliver – names that continue to battle it out year on year.

The survey also looked at the things parents have been influenced by in their naming choices – ranging from East End gangsters to reality television shows.

Reggie and Ronnie, the famous first names of the Kray twins, are steadily climbing up the charts, while Violet, the Krays’ mother, and, Nancy, the name of Bill Syke’s moll in Oliver Twist, are growing in popularity too.

Gangster characters in the BBC’s ‘Peaky Blinders’ are also having an effect, with Tommy and Arthur rising one and seven places respectively.

And the influence of television doesn’t stop there as ITV’s ‘Love Island’ saw Montana, Camilla, and Gabby all have more registrations than ever before.

Lorna Marsh, associate editor at BabyCentre, said: “Love Island was our surprise screen inspiration this summer!”

And if people weren’t being inspired by their box, they were looking outside for nature-inspired names, with Forest, Hawk, Hunter, Fox and Storm proving popular. While Luna (the name of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter) climbing 20 places this year alone.

Gender-neutral names have also become more popular, with Harley registering as the name with the most even distribution of male and female recipients.

Here are the top 20 girls and boys names.

Top 20 UK Girl’s Names

Olivia Sophia Amelia Lily Emily Ava Isla Isabella Mia Isabelle Ella Poppy Freya Grace Sophie Evie Charlotte Aria Evelyn Phoebe

Top 20 UK Boy’s Names

Muhammad Oliver Harry Jack George Noah Leo Jacob Oscar Charlie Jackson William Joshua Ethan James Freddie Alfie Logan Lucas Finley

Here you can see the full list of 100 names for boys and 100 names for girls.

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