What You Didn’t Know About HIV And Dating, Until Now!

Firstly let’s get the big myths out of the way.

You cannot transmit HIV by kissing or sharing a toothbrush.

Those living with HIV can now live a full healthy life to an old age.

HIV may be your condition but it’s on your own terms.

An Undetectable Viral Load – This means HIV CANNOT be transmitted to another sexual partner, with or without the use of a condom.

Thanks to breakthroughs with pharmaceuticals such as PeP, ART & PreP to name but a few, it means the virus can be completely controlled and suppressed.

Most people’s thoughts on HIV relate back to the tombstone campaign from the 1980’s. Thankfully, much has changed since those daunting advertisements and there is now a much brighter future for those living with HIV.

Positive Plus One is the world’s 1st non-profit HIV positive dating app. It aims to connect those living with HIV and reduce the stigma surrounding the taboo subject.

The best bit is, it’s completely non-profit. The money made from users subscribing is ploughed back into the community and the charities they support.

The app is predominantly for those living with HIV but not limited to those with the virus.

Many people engage in serodiscordant relationships – to me and you, this means that one partner is positive and the other partner is not.

The website reads
“It All Starts With A Date. More than 40 million people around the world share your story.

We simply help you connect.

We understand the difficulties that can come with being positive and believe finding love & dating should not be one of them.

With your help, we can educate, reduce stigma and act as a lifeline for charities and trusts supporting the community.”

In a world saturated with dating sites and apps, offering false promises to hook you up with the perfect partner by determining a type you never knew you had.

Positive Plus One offers a refreshing alternative to dating by focusing on helping you organically build lasting friendships and relationships. All whilst supporting the community further by donating to the charities & trusts actively helping those who need it most.

I believe this is a great forward step in an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding HIV, amidst helping the entire community connect.


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