Thank You To The Conservative MPs Putting The Country’s Interests Before Their Party’s

Some might call them the ‘Brexit Mutineers’ and others might call them traitors. But I say all the Conservative MPs who are ‘rebelling’ against the government’s shambolic hard Brexit are simply putting the nation’s interests before the interests of their own party.

The Daily Telegraph published a horrific front page on Wednesday’s print edition. It can only be described as a bullying campaign, in a similar way to the Mail’s attack on the judiciary last year, labelling our judges as ‘enemies of the people’

The Telegraph vying for a place in the gutter alongside the Daily Mail with its ‘Brexit mutineers’ front page. Mutineers, saboteurs, enemies of the people, traitors – the state of this. I want my country back. — Joseph Willits (@josephwillits)
But the 15 MPs photographed on the front page of the Telegraph are far from being enemies of the people, in actual fact, they are the defenders of democracy.

Some of the politicians described in the headline as being ‘Brexit Mutineers’ include Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and Dr Sarah Wollaston – arguably the party’s most thoughtful and authoritative MPs.

Would you believe nine out of the fifteen MPs named on the Telegraph’s front page are former lawyers? I understand lawyers might not be a popular bunch of people, but they certainly understand the issues at hand.

Take Dominic Grieve as an example. If we are looking for the most learned and insightful member of the House of Commons, Mr Grieve certainly comes out on top.

From Brexit to our complicated uncodified constitution, if Mr Grieve has something to say on a matter of law, we should take notice.

The former Attorney General has called Theresa May’s Brexit plan “thoroughly stupid” and “barmy.”

During a debate on Tuesday, he said that the whole process ‘makes me question the government’s competence.’

Dominic Grieve QC is probably twice as bright as anybody in the current Cabinet. It is an outrage that certain politicians and journalists are describing he and others as being ‘traitors’. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The traitors are those who are letting Britain be flushed down the toilet to get their precious Brexit, no matter what the consequences will be.

Yes, we are leaving the European Union, that we can be certain of! But please, we need to do it in a way that is best for everybody.

The British people voted to leave the EU, but they did not vote to get poorer, to lose their jobs, or to receive a worsening quality of healthcare and education due to EU nationals leaving the country!

If those MPs named on the Telegraph’s front page formed part of the Cabinet, we might have a half decent government on our hands.

A number of Tory MPs outraged they’ve been left off! — Anna Soubry MP (@Anna_Soubry)
Truth be told, Labour are not much better when it comes to Brexit. It is well known that Jeremy Corbyn is a reluctant remainer, meaning the government will most likely have a comfortable ride when it comes to the official opposition.

So thank you, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and yes, even Ken Clarke, for putting the country first, and not your party. Thank you for being friends of the people and so far the only representatives of 48.2% of Brits.

You are people with courage and integrity, and may well be the only MPs who come out of this mess positively at the next election for at least trying to make the transition as smooth as possible.

After all, Sir Winston Churchill was famously in a small minority of the Conservative party in 1938 too. Of course, he was proved right.