Jeremy Corbyn Mocks Boris Johnson For Complaining About Police Cuts Made Under The Tories

Jeremy Corbyn has mocked Boris Johnson for complaining about cuts to police services made under Conservative governments.

The Labour leader targeted the foreign secretary during prime minister’s questions on Wednesday for a tweet he sent on November 2 in which he attacked the closure of a police station in his constituency.

Corbyn told Theresa May he had been “following the tweets” from some of her cabinet colleagues and offered an explanation as to why the police station had been shut.

“The real reason is that its closing because of a £2.3bn cut from police budgets in the last parliament. And it get worse. They are going to be cut by another £700m by 2020,” he said.

Corbyn added: “Crime is up, violent crime is up and police numbers are down by 20,000.”

But May hit back and said the cuts were the responsibility of Labour’s London mayor Sadiq Khan.

“The police and crime commissioner in London, is the mayor, the last time I looked Sadiq Khan was a Labour mayor of London,” she said.

“Although perhaps the leader of the Labour party thinks he’s not Labour enough for him and his band.”

The prime minister added: “Let’s be very clear about funding for the Metropolitan Police. There’s more money and more officers for each Londoner than anywhere else in the country.”

Johnson is not the only Cabinet minister to have complained about cuts to local services brought in under their own government.

Gavin Williamson, the new defence secretary, has previously argued against a series of cuts to services in his constituency.

in an articles on his website written while he was Chief Whip, Williamson said he campaigned against cuts to the police, fire services, prisons and libraries.