This Robot Worker Army Can Sort Packages And Even Park Your Car

When the robots do eventually take over, remember this moment.

While we know that Amazon and other large companies like Ocado already employ robots, this courier company in China have taken their robot workforce to a whole new level…

What you’re looking at is a small army of robots that can, according to the South China Morning Post, process some 200,000 items per day.

If you want to feel even more inadequate then we’ve got some more bad news, they can accomplish in three hours, the same amount of work as a human taking five.

Then of course there’s the small fact that they don’t need food breaks, don’t sleep and the only time they stop is when they break down or need to recharge their batteries.

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So how does it work? Well you’ll be relieved to hear that actual human beings still do some work. They do the initial sorting and then place the packages onto the robot, the robot then speeds through that mind-bending traffic jam to deliver the package to the right chute.

The robots are designed by Chinese company HIK Vision who design a range of worker bots.

These range from your standard warehouse bot like the ones you can see in the video to huge parking bots that can actually lift a car and then automatically park it in a free parking space for you.

As the issue of a robot workforce becomes more and more realistic, silicon valley experts including Microsoft founder Bill Gates have already started speculating on how we start to offset those whose jobs will be replaced.

Recently, Gates suggested that a ‘robot tax’ could be employed that would help add some level of cost with automating your workforce which would then help governments create new jobs for those that have been replaced.

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