Jeremy Corbyn Amazes Gogglebox Viewers With Bizarre Passion For Coddled Eggs

Jeremy Corbyn’s highly-anticipated appearance on Gogglebox finally hit screens around Britain last night. 

But to the surprise of many viewers of the show’s Stand Up To Cancer celebrity special, it was not social justice or Brexit which got the Labour leader riled up… but eggs.  

Watching kitchen queen Nigella prepare Turkish eggs, Corbyn was literally on the edge of his seat as he criticised the celebrity chef’s technique. 

“You don’t do egg whites that way,” he explained as she cracked an egg into a tea strainer. “No.”  

The long-standing MP had W1A actress Jessica Hynes in hysterics as he rushed to tell her the correct way to split an egg. 

“How long is this going to take?” Hynes asked, wiping away tears of laughter. 

“A masterclass in egg poaching.” 

But the 68-year-old’s sermon on how to cook an egg was far from over. 

<strong>Jeremy Corbyn appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox alongside actress Jessica Hynes</strong>

He then went on to give painstakingly-minute instructions on how to make the perfect “coddled egg” – even down to the best way to eat it. 

However, despite his passion about his recipe, Corbyn was not convinced he could tempt Nigella to test it. 

He told Hynes: “She would say: ‘You have done so much wrong there, you’re just really off it.’

“No, she wouldn’t be doing my coddled eggs, I’m sure.” 

While Corbyn’s TV-watching partner looked like she had heard more than enough about the politician’s eggy passion, many viewers were far more enthusiastic: