‘Milk Drunk’ Child Ring Bearer In Mini Car Steals The Show At Parents’ Wedding (And Not Just For His Cuteness)

A toddler stole the show at his parents’ wedding when he managed to fall asleep during his grand entrance in a mini electronic car.

The boy’s mum, Roselee Sadek, from the US, posted a video of her “milk drunk” son, who was in the car for about two seconds before he started falling asleep.

By the time the car was driving up the aisle, the toddler casually had a nap while the guests around him all started laughing.

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And let’s just see that adorable toddler from behind.

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The boy was greeted with cheers and claps when he woke up as he neared his parents at the front of the ceremony. 

His mum, Sadek, found the whole entrance hilarious. 

“Best entrance ever,” she wrote on Instagram at the time. “My son was sleepy. So freaking funny.”