Vegans Share The Most Annoying Things Other People Believe About Veganism

Veganism is more common than ever before but there is still a lot of misconception and confusion about being vegan.

Considered by some to be a lifestyle choice that still exists on the fringes of society, Brits may be surprised to learn that there are at least half a million vegans living in the UK, according to The Vegan Society.

So in celebration of World Vegan Month HuffPost UK has asked vegans about the most commonly misunderstood aspects of their lifestyle and those which annoy them the most.

For me it’s the myth that every single vegan is constantly looking to start fights with non-vegans 24/7!
That we are judgemental etc. Plus, that we all share same views. Lots of different reasons on why ppl are #vegan!
That we just eat salad and don’t get enough protein
The protein deficiency statement. Anyone ever heard of someone being protein deficient? Vegan for a yr now & stronger and fitter than ever!
5. Vegan meals can’t possibly be enjoyed by non-vegans.
That vegans don’t have anything to eat. I can cook vegan alternatives of most meat dishes – my family even prefer them!
A lot of people believe that vegan food is tasteless
That it’s restrictive. It’s a choice enabling me to be SO creative with food, whilst following my beliefs. I’m not missing out, thanks!!
That we’re self-righteous, that we’re hypocrites because no-one can lead a life completely free from harm.