NASA Reveals All The ‘Spooky’ Sounds Of The Solar System

NASA have created a Soundcloud playlist which compiles some of the weirdest sounds they’ve ever recorded from space.

The ‘spooky’ collection of sounds have appeared just in time for Halloween and contain audio recordings from Voyager’s journey into deep space to the exotic soundscape that took place when Juno passed through Jupiter’s magnetosphere.

You can listen to the entire collection below:

It’s clear that Jupiter is hands-down the creepiest planet in our solar system with our very own planet managing to sound equally as peculiar in this audio clip.
Now it should be pointed out that these are not the sounds directly recorded from space. 
Instead this is data collected by instruments capable of receiving radio waves that NASA’s scientists have then examined, and converted into audio files.

Scientists sometimes convert radio signals into sounds in order to understand them better. This process is known as ‘data sonification’. This process became particularly useful when in 1996, the Galileo spacecraft passed by Jupiter’s largest moon Ganymede.

In much the same way that many of the images we see are not created by a conventional telescope using mirrors, this is simply an aural representation of the phenomenon that’s taking place.

If there’s a more perfect soundtrack for space, we don’t know of it.