DJ Sara Cox: ‘Why Eating Organic Makes Me Happier’

We all know the health and environmental benefits for eating organic. Less pesticides, more ethical treatment of animals, plants and people alike.

But DJ Sara Cox has taken the hype a step further, with her support of Organic UK’s #FeedYourHappy campaign, as she feels that eating food that is grown the natural way will also make us happier.

She gave us the low-down about why organic eating is a key way to feel good.


1. Supporting local farmers is important

“I love buying British and knowing that by buying local produce I am supporting British farmers. My dad is a farmer of beef cattle, so it’s something close to my heart.”

My dad is the best, no bull.

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2. Peace of mind

“If you buy organic, it’s comforting to know that when your kids grab something out of the fridge, what they rinse off won’t be as chemically damaging as it could be,” she tells us.

3. Knowing that animals are being looked after

“I grew up seeing my dad treat animals really well. I do believe that farm animals should have a good life and feel the sun on their backs.”

Here with my dad’s Ferrari #coolnameforabull #herefords

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4. You become part of a community

“I love to share stuff on Instagram, like recipe ideas and money-saving tips for eating organic. People are on there talking about what they like to do with their food and it’s great.”

Few things are more delicious than ripe, in-season, organic tomatoes! How do you like to eat them? ?

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5. Knowing I’m feeding my family as well as I can

“Living in London, I know that my children have enough pollutants to battle. I want to try and keep their diet as natural as I can and buying organic helps a lot with that.”

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