Little Boy Found A Fiver At A Match And Sent It To Huddersfield Footballer Who ‘Played Well And Scored’

A nine-year-old football fan who found a fiver at a match decided to give the money to someone he felt deserved it, rather then keep it for himself.

Adam Bhana was at the Huddersfield Town match against Manchester United on Saturday 21 March when he found the £5 note on the floor. 

He decided to send the cash to his favourite player – Aaron Mooy – who he said “played very well”.

In a letter to Sean Jarvis, director at Huddersfield Town FC, Bhana wrote: “I found a £5 note at the stadium and gave it to dad because we can not keep what is not ours.”

Bhana continued: “Can you please ask Mr Wagner [the club’s head coach] if Aaron Mooy can keep the money because he played very well and scored.

“I have put the £5 note in the envelope.”

Jarvis shared a photo of the adorable note on Twitter and it was liked nearly 9,000 times in three days.

Mooy himself then tweeted saying: “I would love to meet you Adam.” Aww.

Bhana’s dad, Mo, told BBC Radio 5 Live they have heard from Mooy since the letter was shared on Twitter.

“The club are going to facilitate something for him this week hopefully,” he said.

“They’ve been great. I’m a club ambassador so I know a few people there already. It’s a great family club and set-up.

“The comments on social media have been heartwarming too.”