You Can Now Customise Your Vans, So Of Course People Are Choosing To Feature Their Dogs

Vans has given customers the option of customising their shoes with images, fonts and colourful motifs. 

The Canadian shoe giant shared a video on Instagram, featuring artist Melodie Perrault who showed her creative process for her custom design in a sped up time-lapse video. 

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With this much potential for creative expression, you’d think people would reach for the stars, but many have opted for inspiration closer to home. 

A considerable number of Vans customers are choosing to have their pet dogs represented on their new kicks.

One ex-dog owner used it as an opportunity to give a sweet tribute to her deceased pet. 

She captioned her post: “Toby shoes because now our walks together never have to end hehe  #RIPToby 
#VansCustoms  .”  

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Another pair of dog-themed Vans were shared on a dog’s account (a miniature poodle, in case you were wondering), with the caption:

“Think me mam is losing it, she went and got pictures of me on some custom-made vans #vanscustoms.”

Take a look at all the dog-loving Vans circulating on the internet. 

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But if you’re not such a big dog person… 

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