The 20 Stages Of A Hangover As Told By ‘Stranger Things’

’Stranger Things’ is a glorious show, and we couldn’t be more excited about season two landing on Netflix this Friday (27 October). One thing the show is not, however, is good hangover viewing.

That’s got nothing to do with its gruesomeness, but more the fact that it mimics the fragile situations we often find ourselves in of a weekend. 

Here’s the stages of a hangover, as told by the show.

1. When you wake up not even knowing your own name

2. When you realise you’ve already slept through the brunch date you arranged with your parents

8. But they just don’t understand the dark, dark place you are in at that moment

9. When you then actually feel worse for having called them

10. When you begin the hunt for your missing dignity

11. When you can no longer ignore the alcohol fumes that are seeping out of every pore

12. When you take a 30-minute shower hoping the water will wash away all the shame

13. When you text that person from Tinder to apologise for the onslaught of drunken messages you left them the night before

14. When you ask your housemates to just hold you gently and quietly

15. When you raid the house for anything and everything to make you feel more human

16. When the Dominos delivery man arrives with your family meal deal you intend on eating just for one

17. When you then regret eating a large pizza, two sides and a drinking whole bottle of Fanta

19. But then you come round to their way of thinking

‘Stranger Things 2’ arrives on Netflix on Friday 27 October.